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PayPal account

On this page I will show you how to open a Paypal account.

1. Enter information

2. Activation

3. Add Credit Card Account

4. Getting money from the account (WITHDRAW)

5. Currency exchange on the invoice

6. PayPal <-> PayPal transfer from


The registration process for next:

The Paypal.com on the Sign-Up with Paypal by clicking register you hit the first page.

Here you can choose what type of account you want to register my personal, or Paypal for you (Individual) are presented, but if traders are and have your company or companies whose cash flow PayPal want to be, then Paypal for Business open an account.

Select the country you live in (Your country or region)! Then, the language was English (Your language), I suggest, because the Hungarian language is not available with Paypal.

The following paypal registration page to give your personal data:

Email Address:                      Valid e-mail address, it will be possible to enter
Password:                             Password (between 8 and 20 characters
Retype Password:                 Reenter password to confirm
First Name:                            Frist name
Last Name:                            Last name
Address Line 1:                     Street, house number, floor, door
Address Line 2:                     Second place, if the first was not enough (optional)
City:                                     City / Town
State / Province / Region:    Province
Postal Code:                         Postal code
Phone number:                     Phone number

Then click on "Agree and Create Account" button. The screen in the "Go to my account" sign you get to by clicking on the account.


Once registered, check your e-mail address, you'll get an e-mail from paypal soon, in which the "Link now" by clicking on the screen, enter the password. This confirmed that your e-mail address and can you step into your account immediately.

The first entry will be greeted by this screen:

You must choose two security questions, which give you the answer that only you can. This is a good example when you have forgotten your password.

Security issues:

- What's the name of your first school?
- What's the name of your first pet?
- What's the name of the hospital in which you were born?
- What's your oldest child's nickname?
- What's your father's middle name?
- Where did you travel on your honeymoon?
- What was the name of your favorite childhood toy?
- What is the name of your first flatmate?
- What's the maiden nom of your grandmother?

The two questions to be different!

Then click the "Submit" and a Paypal account, you get the main screen.


The credit cards or credit cards and attach your account with PayPal to purchase this load. Otherwise, the annual cash limits to grow, if you attach a card. To do this, click here:

Then the resulting page, enter your credit or debit card details:

First Name:                           Frist name (will fill in automatically, variable)
Last Name:                           Last name (will fill in automatically, can not be changed)
Card Type:                            Card type  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express can only!!
Card Number:                        Card number, written as one word (hyphen, no space in it!)
Expiration Date:                    Card expiry date (indicated on the card date month / year are given in!)
Card Verification Number:      Card Verification Number, usually the back of the card is.

The next step in front of the card you want to put a little money, because when you add the card to your PayPal a $1.5 load tests carried out, we also give back to your Paypal account if you proved you have the card. Then the card can be used is limited.

When all data has been provided, there is money on the card, you can click Continue to proceed.

The four-digit code on your bank statement to find out to watch or ask your bank's customer service or if you receive an SMS in the deduction, it might have been seen there.

Something like this will look like this: PP*1234CODE

This code must be entered in the "Confirm my debit or credit card" site, which is the main page you will find the "Notifications" window.

Paypal to make it ready for registration, then perfect for the "verified" account ...

Quietly observe if the account is not linked to credit card / in a word is not checked /, it can also be used.

However, many sites "allergic" to the account is not verified ..


Choose the WITHDRAW menu.

1. Details:

Account type:                   Transfer Type (check or bank transfer)
From this balance:             Currency
Ammount:                        Transfer the desired amount
To:                                    Enter bank Account

Click the CONTINUE button.

2. Adatok ellen�rz�se:

Ammount:                         Transfer the desired amount
Bank name:                        Host name of the bank
Account type                     Type of transfer
Bank account number:       Credited to account number

If any information is correct, then click the SUBMIT button.


The PayPal balance is located next to the CURRENCY CONVERTER:

From:                                What I want to convert (currency)
Ammount:                        Amount
To:                                    What you want to convert (currency)

Click on the CALCULATE button to meet the amount, then click on EXCHANGE REVIEW button.

On the next page you can view the data in aggregate, and if everything is OK, then click the button CURRENCY EXCHANGE.

6. PayPal <-> PayPal TRANSFER FROM

Once logged in, click on the SEND MONEY

To:                                    The recipient PayPal account, or e-mail
Ammount:                        Transfer the desired amount (select currency)

Then select the PERSONAL tab, type the GIFT, because you can not deduct a handling fee.

Click the CONTINUE button.

After the transfer the amount from your account immediately lifted off, and the recipient PayPal account immediately appear.