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Liberty Reserve online wallet

On this page I will show you how to open account with Liberty Reserve.

1. Liberty Reserve registration

2. Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals (Goldux)

3. Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals (XChanger)

The Liberty Reserve since 1999, a Costa Rican-based online payment system where you can keep your money in U.S. dollars, and others where you can pay by bank transfer or other payments received. Safe, reliable and confidential. The transactions are irrevocable (can not delete sent payment). The Liberty Reserve is an immediate, real-time Internet wallet for international trade.

Summary of Liberty Reserve:

- Open an account free of charge
- Liberty Reserve account transaction fee of 1% of the total input max. U.S. $ 2.99
- Outbound transactions are free of charge
- Immediate transaction
- You can not directly pay money in and out of the Liberty Reserve account, you need a currency converter website (exchanger) instead. In this example the Hungarian Goldux
Liberty Reserve is the most Forex (stock exchange), HYIP (high yield investment) can be used in the internet business.

Liberty Reserve registration

Liberty Reserve is the main page click on "Create Account" sign!

Next screen name, email address, security questions need to be given.    Do not use accent!!

You must specify a welcome message, and you will see when you enter.

Get your passwords. In the "Password" you can enter the sub-wallets Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve is not to be confused with the main account. The wallet can hold a small amount, it may be faster to send the money. The "Login PIN" you can get past the main account.

Always do you enter the wallet and then on to the main bill.

Master Key and three-digit number to change any personal information.

Note the password that appears three write for yourself before you close the screen!

At the same time you get an e-mail as well, which account number is the account ID.  Also note!!

Now the "Login" to log in by clicking! The e-mail was from "Account Number" and "Password".

"Next" to continue! In this case, you may ask for a Liberty Reserve "Verification PIN" is. This occurs when we enter a different IP address to our account and turned into you the IP address of protection (IP security ENABLED). This is good because it can not log in from elsewhere. The "PIN Verification" - e-mail was sent, just copy it into the box and you can go even further.

Now you can see the specified greeting. If okay, then tick below the "Confirm" beginning with the text and click "continue" button. Thus entered the "wallet". Click "Login PIN" button! Enter the "Login PIN" code.

Have you got into the main bill, but now the first entry is the second step of registration must be done. This screen will appear:

Enter your data, preferably without the accent. The account name can be arbitrary, but it is recommended that the name should for example: Bela Varga, "Submit" button after you filled out everything correctly, you have the key you enter invoices and cash register in Liberty Reserve.

Both deposit and withdrawal options are presented. One of the other Goldux, XChanger.

Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals


The Liberty Reserve from directly (eg bank account or credit card) can not be paid in cash. Need for an intermediate exchange page from a Liberty Reserve exchanger. In this example the Goldux.

Goldux the Hungarian language is available, making it easier to use.
The Goldux the following transactions are available:

Bank account to Liberty Reserve       Cost: $ 2.5 + 4.9% of the amount

Liberty Reserve to Bank account       Cost: $ 2.5 + 2.9% of the amount

If you want to register at the Goldux, you can click on this link: Goldux or on the above banner.

First, choose your language! Is it possible to choose the Hungarian language as well. Then click on "Registration" sign and fill out the form as appropriate! Have already registered and you can enter a user name and password.

"E-Currancy" "and selling" by clicking Liberty Reserve account will have the option to upload to grant to or from your bank account.

First, add that to refer to and how much you want. Then on the next screen you see how much you send and how much will arrive after the deductions. Here you enter the "Liberty Reserve" box on your Liberty Reserve account number. This is a "U" letter. Underneath the "Liberty Reserve account name" field is the account name you named when you registered to Liberty Reserve. For example, could be your own name (Bela Varga). See -> Liberty Reserve registration.

On the next screen you see the details of the references to be sent to and from the money sent on to the Liberty Reserve has. Reference to remember when writing the comment section of the Transaction number!
For example: ORDER 8607

Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals


It can not be directly converted into their bank account from Liberty Reserve. But first upload money from Alertpay and Liberty Reserve from there you can re-send.

Exchange commissions:
Send/Receive Liberty Reserve Solidtrust Global DigitalPay Alertpay Perfectmoney
Liberty Reserve - 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Solidtrust 8.00% - 0.00% 8.00% 8.00%
Global DigitalPay 8.00% 8.00% - 8.00% 8.00%
Alertpay 9.90% 3.90% 0.00% - 9.90%
Perfectmoney 8.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% -

So if we send Alertpay to Liberty from 9.90% to the commission, but from Alertpay Liberty for Free!!!
After each successful money exchange you will receive a bonus code (Discount Code), which is cheaper to switch money next time!!

XChanger registration

XChanger the left side click on "want to be a member" sign!

Fill out the form that appears.
  • Username:                       Please enter a username
  • Password:                       Please enter a password, which you can then move on
  • Confirm password:          Enter the password again
  • Your e-mail address:        Enter your email address here
  • Confirm e-mail address:   Enter your email address again

Click "I accept the Terms uf Use" sign and a green check mark appears before him.

Then click the "Submit" sign

Then you will receive an e-mail, click on the link in it! The e-mail arrives, it may take up to 1-2 hours.
Now you can enter the XChanger account.

If via Alertpay you change money, you must prove your identity. This left-hand menu "Account Verification" section as possible. Here they must be provided:

  • First Name:        Your first name
  • Last Name:        Your surname
  • Country:           For example, country: Hungary
  • Upload a passport-sized photo (up to 1 MB). For example, ID card, passport or driver's license!
  • Fill up a utility account, if not, then passes to another, but do not you just uploaded it!
- Change initiative after joining the left-hand menu, click the "New Exchange" menu!

After four steps can start currency exchange:

  1. You can choose from that you refer to. Left-hand column from the right side of the room to. Then click "Next"!
  2. Enter the Xchanger your account if you have not already done so.
  3. Enter your account id. For example, if you send money from Alertpay Liberty Reserve from, you can enter your Alertpay e-mail, which you've registered there on the right side of the LR account ID (starts with the letter U). Then enter how much you want to be displayed on the right side and how much will arrive. You can write to comment on yet, but do not have to. Then click "Next".
  4. Last step, check out the transaction details! Enter the bonus code if (Discount Code)! After you get all the references to such success, it is cheaper to send money. If you wish to receive SMS messages in the transaction, you can choose your country and enter your phone number! Once a week, a free SMS. Then click "Next"!
To Alertpay to Liberty Reserve from 7 days to arrive at the money.
The left-hand menu "View pending exchanges" menu, you can follow up references in the state.