PTC  -  Frequently Asked Questions


You have collected a pair of information as an aid, in case you are stuck, or if you're just starting it.... Observed in the highlights, i marked them in blue, are more important.... There's also red .. it would not hurt to know...:) Joke aside, study it, you can do a very good service...

How does it work?

Register and log in into your account. Click Ads from the menu to show the advertisements. Click an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches a certain treshold you can make a request for payout.

Can I have more than one account?

You can not have more than one account! If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed. Please do not join from public networks (like companies, schools) that are all using the same IP address.

What is the "registration"?

Registration is when we reported a specific page, username and password. At the site of an individual otherwise formed, into which logged in, you can use the specified page. The account is logged in to view the ads, for which money is obtained. You may not see the page, but since there is such a personal account, so why can not search for her, I can see ...

How to register PTC site?

First, clicked on the banner to set / image size 468x60 / or the links from / Internet address /. When you loaded the page, or go straight to the registration page we are, or the page "home page" .. If the home page, then click on the register / register, sign out, .../. After the registration page, you must have your own user name / username /, then the security passcode / password / and then again security code / password again /. Then below it must be the email address on which we are available, then when prompted, name / frist, last name .. it does not need to own our name to be) at the top option to accept me the "specified conditions"... Then, the control code / captcha code / where we get into the frame by clicking the row number or string, which is adjacent to another frame you must enter the same way as we have seen / lowercase letters, uppercase matter .. /. Then I clicked on the button Register account. If the page asks for confirmation email, it sends out the email address. Then logged in to your email account, the email was clicked in the confirmation link to and then you will be allowed access to the account from ...

Can I change my username?

No, your account is identified based on your username. Therefore it cannot be changed.

How often do I need to log in to prevent account termination?

You need to log in at least once every month to prevent closure of your account. Account termination is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.

How to join the PTC site "personal account"?

We enter a specific page or banner links to, by clicking / or typing in the address bar of your browser page title: www.icukabux.com/. Clicked on the login button as appropriate user name and password, then type in verification code / captcha code/. Log in to account click on the button, and we are already implicit in our account. The captcha of code paying special attention to the uppercase and lowercase letters, count on some pages ...

Enter into my personal account, but does not accept my information. Why?

This, there are several reasons ... Let's place ...

- Not well written in the user name, or safety code, or a captcha code ... / try one more time, attention ... /

- As a message it says: Account Suspended ...    / our account was suspended /

- As a message that says: Incorrect username ... / incorrect data or banned from the site /

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Click Login from the menu, and click the link "Forgot your password?"

How to quit the personal account?

It is advisable to exit the "logout" or "log off" button, as if just close the browser, from the account remains open!! Few of the page where you automatically close the account ...

What should I set the account after login?

Entering Account Settings menu item to check your private information. Here you can set which account /PayPal, AlertPay../ want to use when making payment. / The correct frame type the account name /. If you have set up everything already, then the security code / current password / save the data / save changes button /. / See --> How to use the Account settings menu? /

How to use the Account settings menu?

In the Account settings menu usually consists of 4 parts.

1. Personal settings /personal data/:

You can find the username, personal email address, which can not be edited / registration must be provided at /. After this personal account is / should be completed by us / and then offering the user name / your upline .. who were registered under /, and the security code field .. /See --> What should I set the account after login? /

2. Passwords /security code/:

You can change the security code, security code, or add a secondary / do not think we can spoil /. I see ... Enter new password twice, Secondary password is checked, if necessary, then welcome to the old security code.

3. Payout PIN /payment verification code /:

You can enable the payment verification code, if they will be fit to note it when payment is in need you to write / if activated, enter verification code, security code, and acknowledged /.

4. Forum settings /forum options/:

You can adjust what is displayed on the forum as personal data. / may upload a photo, or typing text / Do not forget that it always appears in the forum ...

Once you have entered, what should I do?

If you are already implicit in our personal accounts, Ads menu to view the ads. Clicking on these line / each /, open a new window by a specified time / counter shows / should look. The time / counter / after you enter a verification code / writes to the screen, usually to the top page ad /, which acknowledged that the specified ad visited, at the same time writes the ad viewed the value of visiting the Account balance.

Going to my personal account, I notice that there are no ads to view .. Why?

- Only once a day to see the ads, you have to wait until the end of the server time.  / See -> What is the "server time" and where to find? /

- The server time expired in vain, for some reason the site is not updated.

- Page went bankrupt, or have left the Admin page update.

Logged into my account, I can not see your ad, for "transparent," Why?

PTC sites is fixed, according to which members can view ads.

- Number of ads we see on certain pages only, as many as we can see that our membership. They usually look like they disappear after clicking..

- Or do not disappear after clicking, but "inactive" are, we are "transparent" ..

- There are sites where you can see all of the ads, but only our membership, we can click on ad , the remaining "inactive" to remain, they are "transparent" ..

What is the "server time" and where to find?

Because only once a day can leklikkelni ads, therefore have to wait another 24 hours of clicks. This is indicated by a clock that continuously calculates the time. When the clock reaches 24 h / 00:00:00 /, occurs in the page refreshes, and then re-entered the clickable ads. Notice that it is not always identical to the time for our time zone in the time. Thus, a shift occurs in our time zone against the.. In a word ... If we have 19:00 h and 20:00 h server time the page shows you what the time zone from 23:00 h at the time for you to update that page ... / I hope I was clear ...:-) / Then there are sites which are "counted backwards in time" ... Care should be taken properly ...

We enter a specific page, and the Ads menu to find the display of server time .... More precisely, somewhere over the ads or the ads above and to the right for a bit ... :-)

What is the "Account balance" ?

The Account balance of the main personal account balances. These ads are written to the value of attendance. Included in this amount, your personal action, which ask for payment.

What is the "Purchase balance" ?

The Purchase balance of the personal shopping account balance. Of this balance can be yourself referrals / rent Referrals / or Banner Ad / Banner advertising / or form ad PTC /PTC advertising/..

What is the "Direct Referral" ?

The "Direct Referral" means direct recommendation, these users are registered to your referral link. They will not make you money, but they are after you you will receive them by click at the ads in /per side of the variable "reff-click" dating from payment/. They should not be extended, and not have to pay them anything.

What is the "Rented Referral" ?

The "Rented referral" means a direct recommendation to buy. These can be purchased, usually a month / page is printed on the maturity / can be financed. The purchase amount is deducted from Purchase Balance. Their work even after you will receive. It is worth paying attention, as a "referral" extension may be cheaper / per page variable / is as if it would buy again.  / If you do not renew the referral was given (who "worked well"), you may receive the following when buying something instead of who is "not working" / ...

How to buy "Rented Referral" ?

The "Rented Referrals" menu item, you may choose. Here is an example of clarity. :

Purchase balance              =    $12               / your balance is $ 12 /

Price per referral               =     $1                / costs $ 1 a referral1 doll�rba ker�l 1db referral /

Referrals available            =     40                / 40 free referral is /

Rental period                   =     30 days         / 30 days work for us /

Referrals to rent              =     10                / want to buy refferal number /

"Purchase" button, and he took the 10 referrals, who will now "we" are working. The day after 30 you can buy again, or go to the extended duration...  Clearly, the "Purchase Balance" into two dollars left..

How to spend your Purchase Balance is?

Click on the Add Funds menu, and there we see that contribution or transfer mode to be filled.

1. Fund via payment processor /payment of their PP / AP account ../

Enter amount              /what amount you want to put/

Payment processor       /account manager selection/

Fees                           / "management costs" /

Amont to be added      /The amount is credited to the balance in/

"Add funds" button and navigate away from us in the account management page, where you enable the account manager to release the amount specified.

2. Transfer funds to purchase balance /Account balance --> Purchase balance /

Account balance           / here is the amount of money as many have in the account in /

Enter amount              / here we write as you want to put /

"Add Funds" button, and the amount entered for Account Balance into Purchase Balance.

What I find in the Account Summary menu?

The Account Summary menu is divided into 3 parts .. They are as follows..:

1. Summary          /-- summary --/

- Username          / user name/

- Registered        / registering the server at time /

- Country            / our origin, our /

- Membership      / our membership ... date if there is, the membership will expire /

- Direct, Rented referrals     / Direct and Renten referral number in parentheses are the number of reffclick /

- Your clicks        / total number of ads viewed on the site /

- Last click          / click the last time ... server time /

- Last login         / time since last login /

- Upline              / direct offers to you ...../

Then Balances and Investments in

2. Hystory         / number of ads viewed for 30 days ../

3. Login log       / entry list.../

What does it mean to "Membership" where to find and how do I buy?

The membership position counted. Current membership in accordance with an appropriate number of ad presentations, and membership will be written according to the amounts approved for viewing ads. This "Purchase" menu, and within the "Upgrade Account" menu can be found. Here you can purchase a suitable position, the selected e-bank account using.

Where can I find my own referral link ?

The specific page logged in, look for the Promotion Tools menu, and in this we find for Your referral-link option. Below we see the page banner image, it can then be used for posting your own ad ... / other PTC site /.

How and when can I get paid ?

When we collected the Account Balance in an amount which may be requested for many, it can make you feel / when you cough .... :) /

This can be done by entering the Request Payout menu. Let's see what's there as an example to illustrate .... :-)

Account Balance               $2,2200             / Suppose you ... Account B is 2.22 dollars into /

Payout minimum               $2                     / minimum amount may be requested /

Payout amount                 $2,1                  / We ask here how to set up .. We asked for $2.1 ... /

Withdraw fees                  $0,15                 / how much they want to "pull" .. :-) .. handling charge .. yeah .. :-) /

Net amount                     $1,95                  / this amount will receive ... /

Payment processor           PP,AP,LR....        / here you can select the account in which we ask for payment .. /

*Account* email            *account name*      / selected in the name we find our invoice /

Payout PIN                       XXXX                 / payment security code ... if not-> open a /

Enter captcha                                           / the specified code to authenticate a payment /

Then Requested payout inscription appears below a payment...

First, he writes the column Status: Pending ... /payout time/.

How can I advertise?

Click on the Advertise menu. There, PTC and Banner advertising to choose from. Within this type of ad text, and pass the associated link. Then you set the time for ads, and "Submit Campaign" button. Then you'll get an email notification that launched the ad campaign is active.